Mungo Park Medal
In recognition of outstanding contributions to Geographical knowledge through exploration and/or research, and/or work of a practical nature of benefit to humanity in potentially hazardous physical and/or social environments.

2012 Jock Wishart

2011 Ed Stafford

2010 Rune Gjeldnes

2009 Ray Mears
In recognition of his work in adventure travel, and for his distinguished contribution to popularising geographical issues

2008 No Award
2007 Norman Hallendy, Nunavut Research Institute, Canada
2006 John Hare
2005 Professor Jean Malaurie
2004 Norma and Maurice Joseph
2003 John Simpson CBE, World Affairs Editor, BBC
2002 William Dalrymple
2001 Robin Hanbury-Tenison
2000 Colin Thubron
1999 Kate Adie
1998 Julian Pettifer, journalist and broadcaster
1997 Professor Chalmers M. Clapperton
1996 Mr. Michael Ashe
1995 Mr. Nigel Winser & Mrs Shane Winser, RGS
1994 Michael Buerk
1993 Professor David Sugden
1992 Nicholas Crane & Richard Crane
1991 Professor Andrew Goudie
1990 Charles Swithinbank
1989 Christina Dodwell
1988 Dr. John Hemming
1987 John Ridgway
1981 Professor Keith L. Miller
1975 Haroun Tazieff
1969 Dr. Hugh Simpson and Mrs. Myrtle Simpson
1962 C.G. Malcolm Slesser
1961 Miss Marjory Penham
1955 George Christopher Band
1954 Dr. Alain Bombard
1953 Count Eigil Knuth
1952 W.H. Murray
1950 Thor Heyerdahl
1948 F. Spencer Chapman
Mrs. Mary G. Henry, Pennsylvania, USA
1944 Frank Fraser Darling
1939 Dr. E.B. Worthington MA PhD, for his share in the work of the African Research Survey
1936 Lawrence R. Wager MA FGS, Lecturer in Geology, University of Reading
1935 Miss Freya Stark
1934 Miss Isobel W. Hutchison FRSGS
1931 F.S. Smythe
1930 Captain Angus Buchanan