Scottish Geography Medal
Originally the Society's Gold Medal, this award is for work of conspicuous merit within the Science of Geography itself, for example, by research, whether in the field or otherwise, or by any other contribution or cumulative service to the advancement of the Science.

2008 Professor Nigel Thrift, Vice-Chancellor, University of Warwick
For his ground-breaking and distinguished contribution to research in human geography

2007 No award
2006 Vanessa Lawrence, Director General, Ordnance Survey
2005 No award
2004 Professor David Lowenthal
2002 Professor Sir Ron Cooke DSc
2001 The American Geographical Society, USA
2000 Professor Kenneth J. Gregory, Chairman IGC 2004
1999 Professor Colin Clarke, School of Geography, University of Oxford
1998 Professor J.T. Coppock CBE, Vice President of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society
1997 Professor Eckart Ehlers, International Geographical Union
1996 Mr. Gilbert M. Grosvenor, National Geographic Society
1995 Professor H.Th. Verstappen
1994 Dr. Denis St-Onge, The Royal Canadian Geographical Society
1993 Professor Peter Haggett
1992 The Sierra Club, USA
1989 The Rt. Hon. The Lord Shackleton of Burley
1988 Professor Stig Jaatinen, President, Finnish Geographical Society
1984 Professor J. Wreford Watson
1972 George E.R. Deacon
1969 Professor J.A. Steers
1964 Professor L. Dudley Stamp
1958 Vivian Ernest Fuchs PhD
1954 John Bartholomew MC JP
1945 Professor Herbert J. Fleure DSc
1944 James M. Wordie
1933 The Baron Meston of Agra and Dunotter KCSI LLD

RSGS Gold Medal

1927 John Mathieson FRSE FRSGS
1924 Dr. Hugh Robert Mill DSc, for his long-continued geographical work of high order
1923 Professor J.W. Gregory FRS
1919 Rt. Hon. Field-Marshal Earl Haig of Bemersyde KT
1915 Dr. J. Scott Keltie LLD
1913 Professor Albrecht Penck
1912 Captain Roald Amundsen
1911 J.Y. Buchanan
1910 Professor James Geikie DCL LLD
1908 Dr. Sven Hedin
1906 HSH Albert, 1st Prince of Monaco
1905 Colonel Sir F. Younghusband KCIE
1904 Dr. W.S. Bruce
1897 Dr. Fridtjof Nansen
1890 H.M. Stanley MP