Ella Christie

Isabella [Ella] Robertson Christie (1861-1949), traveller and gardener, was born on 21 April 1861 at Millbank, Cockpen, Edinburgh. She travelled widely in Asia and visited many countries including India, Ceylon, Malaya, China, Japan and Borneo. Her most significant trips were to Russian Turkestan in 1910 and 1912, and she was the first British woman to visit the state of Kiva. The images here are her photographs of those two journeys.

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Ella Christie arriving in arba at Novi Urgentsch
Ella Christie in arba
Stuck in the mud
Arba in difficulty
Camel train
Bactrian camel train
Caiouque on Oxus River
Melon seller
Melons at Ashkhabad market
Hat stall
Hat stall at Ashkhabad
Kibitka at Ashkhabad
Ice cream seller
Ice cream seller
Minar Kalan at Bukhara
Cart and tower
Novy Urgench

For more information please see Ella Chrisite's book on her travels:

Christie, Ella R. 'Through Khiva to Golden Samarkand' London : Seeley, Service & co., 1925.