Young people who study Geography gain a tremendously valuable set of professional and life skills. The inspiration to study the subject can come from almost anywhere. So we approached the author and publisher of the wonderful Horrible Geography series with an idea for a unique addition to the range.

Our Horrible Geography of Scotland will be an exciting new book suitable for late primary and early secondary school children. It will provide a good baseline knowledge of Scotland’s remarkable geography, and we hope it will inspire young people to seek out and study the subject in later school and beyond. Our project will provide books to schools across Scotland, along with specially commissioned curricular-linked lesson plans: these will help teachers to use the books in the classroom, and help engage children directly with some of the stories.

We are most grateful to those donors and funders who have already contributed enough to allow us to start work on this project. Now we are trying to increase the total so that we can print more copies of the book and incpire more children.

Please support us if you can. The more you can donate, the more books we can print, the more lessons we can plan, and the more children we can inspire.