Professor Alice Roberts will be speaking at the University of Strathclyde on Saturday 20th January for her talk titled “Ancestors”, based on her book of the same name. In it she explores what we can learn about the very earliest Britons from their burial sites, exploring the stories that are told through the bones and funerary offerings left behind, preserved in the ground for thousands of years.

Told through seven fascinating burial sites, this ground-breaking prehistory of Britain teaches us more about ourselves and our history: how people came and went and how we came to be on this island.

Ancestors: A history of Britain through burials

“What can a grave tell us about a person and past lives? From the Bronze Age to the Romans

and the Anglo-Saxons, Alice Roberts explores how burial archaeology sheds light on ancient

societies, and looks at how genetics is completely revolutionising what we know about the


This event is delivered in partnership with the University of Strathclyde, as part of their Diamond Jubilee programme. Celebrating the University’s unique contribution to the world since the granting of a Royal Charter in 1964, the Jubilee looks at Strathclyde’s innovative approach to education and research and the institution’s impact on society over more than 225 years since its foundation in 1796, as well as looking to the future and the next chapter of the Strathclyde story.