Royal Scottish Geography Society presents
Shackleton's Ship Beneath the Ice
Discovering the Endurance

28th March 2023 7.30pm Perth Concert Hall

RSGS is hosting a special event at Perth Concert Hall with the team from the Endurance22 Expedition, which discovered Shackleton’s lost ship Endurance after it had not been seen since it was crushed by the ice and sank in the Weddell Sea in 1915.

We’ll hear first-hand from Expedition Leader Dr John Shears, Subsea Manager Nico Vincent, and Documentary Director Natalie Hewit as they recount their ground-breaking discovery and their journey 3,008 metres beneath the ice to video and photograph the legendary ship.

The Endurance22 Expedition brought together world-leading marine archaeologists, engineers, technicians, and sea-ice scientists on South African icebreaker SA Agulhas II, one of the largest and most modern polar research vessels in the world. Join us for what will undoubtedly be an incredible story from dedicated experts who have been involved in this monumental discovery and hear first-hand of the challenges of preparing for and filming an expedition of this significance.

Non members £16; RSGS members £12 (excludes Concert Hall £2.50 booking fee per ticket); Students/U18s £8