With the UN Climate Conference (COP26) scheduled to come to Glasgow in November, 2021 is a hugely significant year for climate change action. The RSGS is heavily engaged in developing climate solutions and bringing together leaders and experts from across our wide-ranging network to inform policy, stimulate new ideas, inspire action and influence joined-up action.

We believe the RSGS has an important role to play, and we have four key projects for COP26.

  • The Geographer, COP26 special edition: publish and distribute an extra edition of our magazine, focusing entirely on climate change and the main objectives of COP26, with contributions from senior business and political leaders, policy-makers and academics.
  • International geographical community gathering: work with the International Geographical Union, Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), National Geographic, Royal Canadian Geographical Society and others, to convene a meeting that helps bring together thinking and solutions from our colleagues and sister bodies across the world.
  • Celebrating Achievement: organise a mini-festival of online public talks given by recent RSGS award-winners, addressing different aspects of climate change and sustainability.
  • Five for the Future: consolidate and publish a policy report summarising and analysing responses to five questions we have encouraged a range of organisations to ask of their networks and event attendees over the past year, to produce a ‘voice’ of Scotland’s people and organisations on the issues of greatest concern to them in the lead-up to COP26.

We want to bring together the various efforts across the country in a way that provides cohesion and momentum. And we want to promote the Scottish example to the international delegations of governments and policy bodies, in the hope that some of it might inspire them to learn from, adopt and adapt some of Scotland’s most successful climate change policies and practices.

This is a unique opportunity. Please help us to make a difference. The more we raise, the more we can achieve.

Please help us if you can.