Developed through the Climate Emergency Summit programme, Five for the Future encourages all organisations to ask the same five questions at the end of each event they run ahead of COP26. The Royal Society of Edinburgh, Hutton Institute, Scottish Natural Heritage, Young Scot and Scottish Enterprise have indicated a willingness to take part. Five for the Future will help generate a set of common answers, which in turn will help to shape an organisation- and society-wide set of key concerns. 

The five questions are:

  • What more could you/we do to reduce emissions more and quicker? 
  • What would you ask Scottish and UK government to do to support this?
  • What should the international community do that it is not currently doing?
  • Is there an issue you would like to see given more credence in this arena?
  • What bold step would you like to introduce to help cut emissions?

Responses can be filled out using the following form:

Five for the Future