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Unfortunately Tracy Edwards is no longer available to speak to RSGS audiences in Kirkcaldy, Edinburgh and Glasgow in November. However, we're delighted to have secured three excellent replacement speakers, as follows:
  • 7.30pm, 17th Nov, Kirkcaldy - Hamish Brown, 'Scottish Oddities'
  • 2.30pm, 19th Nov, Edinburgh - Mike Robinson, 'James Croll: Joiner, Janitor, Genius?'
  • 7.30pm, 19th Nov, Glasgow - Heather Willimott, 'Scottish Islands'
We apologise for any inconvenience caused by these unavoidable changes, and hope that Tracy will be able to speak for us at a later date.

RSGS is the foremost charity in Scotland which promotes an understanding of the natural environment and human societies through education, dialogue and a vibrant activities programme. RSGS aims to reinforce the importance of Geography in schools and wider education, by underlining its relevance in local, national and global issues of public concern and helping to frame the debate around these issues.

RSGS believes that people with a better knowledge of geography develop a better understanding of place, together with a greater insight into sustainability, equality and the world in general. Geography provides many of the basic tools and develops the necessary thinking to help people find solutions to global problems.

Embracing a broad membership drawn from the general public in addition to professional geographers, planners, environmentalists and educators, the Society is mainly funded by membership subscription.