Covid-19 has severely impacted secondary school education, and considerable disruption remains. And now, many pupils and teachers face the dual challenge of catching up on lost learning whilst being prepared for further lockdown limitations.

We want to support Geography teachers and pupils at this difficult time by producing a series of informative videos and associated lesson plans, each addressing a topic at Nat5 or Higher.

Why do tropical storms spin? What factors drive migration? And what is propelling climate change? We aim to bring key curricular topics to life by creating a range of online educational resources. These materials will be freely available on our website, for use in the classroom and to support remote teaching and learning, and will include:

  • short videos which provide an overview of a topic;
  • written lesson plans with ideas for further activities.

We want to do everything we can to help schoolchildren succeed and, we hope, to take some pressure off teachers by providing these free resources. It will cost us around £600 to create the materials needed for each topic, including the costs of collating and updating useful existing resources, sourcing and writing content, and recording and editing video footage.

Please help us to develop these invaluable education resources. The need is greater than ever.