Shackleton at the RSGS: A Sketch

This is an attempt to explain why there are no newspaper cuttings in the RSGS archives from early 1904 until late 1905. This is approximately the length of Shackleton’s tenure as Secretary... Read more

The Next Normal

"The end of a world is also the beginning of a world. Right now, the world we inhabited – but did not really know – has ended. The new beginning, the ‘next normal’, is already happening" writes Mike Elm. Read more

Mountain Biking in Dunkeld

"Mountain Biking is not a sport that is confined to one subset of the demographic; mountain biking crosses boundaries of gender, class, background and age" writes Kat Brown of Cycling Solutions Read more

The Pole of Possibility

This is an invitation from Karen Darke FRSGS to join in the ‘Pole of Possibility Challenge’... Read more