Following the Government's announcement of a climate emergency, we held a solutions-focused climate summit at our offices in August 2019 with representatives from over 30 organisations, including NGOs, businesses, local authorities and Government agencies. Producing literally hundreds of ideas, we published a document detailing some of the key priority areas for action and submitted this to Government. Since then, we have held further summits, and plan to continue these brainstorming meetings in the months ahead, via Zoom.

Our summits provide a space for motivated people from across the sectors to come together in a safe and open workshop environment to offer solutions to the climate emergency. These facilitated sessions are designed to use the collective expertise of participants to highlight purposeful actions and good practice examples, and to influence policy making.

  • Ten Big Climate Solutions After 12 Summits involving 800 people from 400 organisations, this report highlights the Ten Big Climate Solutions with the scale, pace and impact to drive the change we need.
  • Investing in Land and Sea Ten Big Climate Solutions Summit 1, sponsored by RSGS with financial support from NatureScot and the Scottish National Investment Bank

We held summits and produced reports covering the following issues: