We provide informed, intelligent, insightful commentary on world issues from a geographical perspective. At the heart of our discipline is a focus on collaboration and a conviction that geographical thinking is a force for public good. Our broad approach enables us to make a positive impact on policy decisions and people's lives.

Our recent achievements include:

  • the development of progressive climate change policies and activities in Scotland;
  • increasing the level of public and policy engagement around sustainable transport options, including better rail connectivity and electric vehicle infrastructure;
  • improving climate understanding, and transport and agricultural responses;
  • the rising call for action against narrowing choice in the Scottish school curriculum;
  • the reinstatement after a gap of 118 years of the position of Geographer Royal for Scotland.

Innovative Projects & Policy Work

Our Bitesize project assessed ways in which Scotland could make the biggest difference to reducing global climate emissions. The immediate outcomes of the project were an edition of The Geographer on a theme of climate solutions, and a well-informed contribution to the Scottish Government's consultation process on the Climate Change Delivery Plan. Since late 2016, work has continued in several of the key policy areas identified.

Through a series of activities focused on the role and value of Scotland's geodiversity, including the organisation of a conference and the publication of a special edition of the Scottish Geographical Journal, we helped to establish the Scottish Geodiversity Forum.

We encouraged new audiences to look to geography for inspiration by publishing The Great Horizon, a book of 50 amazing tales of adventure and exploration drawn from our past and recent history.

Young people benefited from the training and practical experience offered by our first Young Geographer project, and from the opportunity to present their work to national and international leaders.