Financing Transition

"To transform into zero carbon societies would require around 2% of GDP, if we take early action. If not, we risk spending more than 20% of GDP in future." Written by Mike Robinson. Read more

John Rae: Scotland’s Forgotten Arctic Explorer

"Rae realised that he was looking at the final piece in the geographical jigsaw – the vital ‘missing link’ in the Northwest Passage." Written by Jo Woolf, RSGS Writer-in-Residence. Read more

Taking a Step in the Right Direction

"We need to start treating this Climate Emergency like an emergency. And having these targets now in place is a welcome and significant first step." Written by Mike Robinson. Read more

Exploring Arctic Connections

As the northern lights dance playfully overhead, reindeer gather, and eventually herds – sometimes thousands strong – will start their arduous migration towards the coast, writes Hazel and Luke Robertson. Read more

Nine Lessons in Brexit

Amidst the noise and fury of the current debate, it is too easy to lose sight of the fundamental questions we need to address, writes Sir Ivan Rodgers. Read more

Staying Positive Amidst Environmental Crises

"I have forced myself to focus on solutions to these crises. What can we all do to adopt or drive change?" Written by Mike Robinson, RSGS Chief Executive Read more

Sri Lanka: Fragile Jewel in the Indian Ocean

"It is a wonderful country; we were just there at the wrong time." Written by Mike Robinson, RSGS Chief Executive Read more

School Strike for the Climate

"It's about time we started creating an economy, a society, an environment, in fact a future, they can believe in. And we really need to get a move on." Written by Mike Robinson, RSGS Chief Executive Read more

Geographical Research in Trinidad

A geographical research trip to Trinidad, summer 2018. Written by Erin Fowler, RSGS Volunteer Read more

The Iolaire Disaster of 1919

"To the glory of God and in memory of the Lewismen who gave their lives in the Great War, 1914-1919". Written by Kenny Maclean, RSGS Collections Team Read more

The Snow Globe

The Snow Globe - A Story for Christmas. Written by Jo Woolf, RSGS Writer-in-Residence Read more

Heating up the Climate Debate: Katowice COP24

"This next year, as we head towards 2020, is going to be critical in terms of commitments and action by governments, businesses and individuals." Written by Mike Robinson, RSGS Chief Executive Read more

Lest they Forget

"So what is the legacy that we are passing on to future generations? And how will they remember us? And how will they choose to thank us for it?" Written by Mike Robinson, RSGS Chief Executive Read more

We are all in this together

"In New Zealand, going it alone is not an option." Written by Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand Read more

A Vanishing Sea of Ice

"We just need decision makers to move more quickly." Written by Luke and Hazel Robertson, RSGS Explorers-in-Residence Read more

Slowing Down the Heat

"We should be concerned!" Written by Mike Robinson, RSGS Chief Executive. Read more

Discoveries and Discussions in the Desert

“There is a curious stillness that lies upon the wilderness at first light”. Written by Meredith Adams Read more