Robert Falcon Scott

Writer-in-Residence Jo Woolf writes of the life and adventures of Antarctic explorer Robert Falcon-Scott Read more

RSGS collaboration with Access to Inspiration

RSGS is delighted to announce that we will be partnering with Access to Inspiration, to record a series of podcasts giving leading perspectives on how we promote climate solutions and encourage people to be more active. Read more

Sir Ernest Shackleton and T S Eliot’s ‘third man’

Amid T S Eliot’s long and dauntingly bleak poem, ‘The Waste Land’ is a curious passage describing two people who are attended by an invisible companion. How was this phenomenon, now known as ‘the third man’, inspired by Sir Ernest Shackleton? Read more

Heading for Easter Island

We celebrate a geographical Easter with an article written for The Geographer about Easter Island, the remote volcanic island well known for its archaeological sites, including its iconic moai. Read more

Shackleton and the men on Elephant Island: a brotherhood of the sea

In 1916 Ernest Shackleton's beloved ship Endurance was crushed by ice and sank to the depths of the Weddell Sea, but what followed was an astonishing story of courage and survival. Read more

Towards a Future Vision for Scottish Education

Professor Ken Muir explains the process of writing his report 'Putting Learners at the Centre', where he offers his recommendations for the future of Scottish education. Read more

Scottish "Nobel Prize" for Geography Awarded

In December, RSGS presented Honorary Fellowship to Dougie Vipond and David Connor, and the Scottish Geographical Medal to Professor Iain Stewart at Doug Allan's talk in Perth, which drew an audience of over 500 people. Read more