Shackleton and the men on Elephant Island: a brotherhood of the sea

In 1916 Ernest Shackleton's beloved ship Endurance was crushed by ice and sank to the depths of the Weddell Sea, but what followed was an astonishing story of courage and survival. Read more

Towards a Future Vision for Scottish Education

Professor Ken Muir explains the process of writing his report 'Putting Learners at the Centre', where he offers his recommendations for the future of Scottish education. Read more

Scottish "Nobel Prize" for Geography Awarded

In December, RSGS presented Honorary Fellowship to Dougie Vipond and David Connor, and the Scottish Geographical Medal to Professor Iain Stewart at Doug Allan's talk in Perth, which drew an audience of over 500 people. Read more

Welcoming people back to RSGS

It is that time of year again at RSGS, as we approach the New Year, that we take a moment to reflect on the last 12 months and everything our small charity has achieved. Read more

The coldest dwelling on Earth and a disappearing turkey

For this year's festive-themed blog, RSGS Writer-in-Residence Jo Woolf shares four different stories of explorers and the unusual places they spent Christmas... Read more

Howard Carter:  Striking Gold in Egyptian Sand

World-famous for his discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, exactly 100 years ago, archaeologist Howard Carter has a surprising connection with RSGS. Read more

COP26 One Year On: From Glasgow to Sharm el Sheikh

It is almost exactly a year since Glasgow’s UN Climate Change COP26 and November sees the beginning of COP27, this time in Egypt. So what, if anything, has been achieved? Read more