We are a community that shares a passion for people, places and the planet. With the support of more than 2,700 Members and c120 volunteers, we are a small, flexible organisation, striving to promote greater geographical understanding.


Day-to-day delivery of our work programme is undertaken by a team of four full-time and two part-time staff, all based at the HQ in Perth.

Chief Executive Mike Robinson FRCGS
Development Manager Susan Watt
Communications Officer James Cave
Finance & Membership Officer Linda Davidson
Office & Events Assistant Anne Daniel (Monday to Wednesday lunchtime)
Office & Events Assistant Katrina Strachan (Wednesday to Friday)


Our overall strategy is guided by a Board of Trustees – volunteers who bring their experience and expertise to help the Society. The majority of Trustees are elected by our Members; some Trustees represent the volunteer Committees which have responsibility for certain areas of work; the Geographer Royal for Scotland (appointed by Her Majesty The Queen to a position we helped to reinstate in 2015, after it had been in abeyance for 118 years) is an ex officio Trustee.

Chair Professor Roger Crofts FRSGS
Vice-Chair Alister Hendrie FRSGS
Treasurer Tim Ambrose
Collections Committee Chair Margaret Wilkes FRSGS
Education Committee Chair Erica Caldwell FRSGS
Local Groups Committee Chair Lorna Ogilvie
Geographer Royal for Scotland, and Research & Knowledge Exchange Committee Chair Professor Charles Withers FRSGS
Other Elected Members Dr Susan Mains
Professor Ian Simpson
Lorna Stoddart
Co-Opted Members Professor John Briggs FRSGS
  Helen Ord

Honorary Post-Holders

RSGS has a formal network of honorary post-holders in addition to the Geographer Royal for Scotland. We benefit from Royal Patronage, from the support of a dedicated President and Vice-Presidents, and from the inspirational contributions of our Explorers-in-Residence and Writer-in-Residence. We also have an extensive network of Medallists and Honorary Fellows whom the RSGS has recognised for their outstanding contributions to geography.

Patron Her Majesty The Queen
President Professor Iain Stewart
Vice-Presidents HRH The Princess Royal
The Duke of Buccleuch
Professor Dame Anne Glover FRSGS
Sir David Hempleman-Adams FRSGS
Baron Nickson
Dr Frederik Paulsen
Professor Bruce Proudfoot FRSGS
Professor William Ritchie FRSGS
Professor John Rowan
Professor David Sugden FRSGS
Lord Wilson of Tillyorn
Explorers-in-Residence Craig Mathieson
Luke & Hazel Robertson
Writer-in-Residence Jo Woolf FRSGS
As a Professor of Science Communication, I am thrilled to be the President of the RSGS, a well-respected and dynamic educational charity that works with a wide range of partners and audiences, from youth and community groups to academics and politicians, to inform and inspire people about a wealth of fascinating geographical stories, and to encourage a broader engagement with the geographical sciences.
Professor Iain Stewart, 19th President of the RSGS