We work with Scottish universities to promote geographical study and research, and sit at the heart of a broad network of geographical experts. We also offer ‘knowledge exchange’ opportunities to help interpret academic geography for non-academic audiences, and encourage dissemination of knowledge through our peer-reviewed Scottish Geographical Journal

In this age of globalised markets and communications, and climate change, it is critical that geographical sciences are promoted and pursued, to encourage joined-up thinking and to give people the skills to make sense of this complex world.

Geography in Scottish Universities

With arguably the greatest geological diversity of any country in the world, and a rich tradition of exploring and settling new lands, Scotland has played a strong and inspirational role in the development of geographical sciences. Geography was one of the founding subjects listed in the charter for Edinburgh University in 1583, but it was not taught as a degree subject until 1908, when RSGS Secretary George Chisholm was appointed as the first Lecturer in Geography at Edinburgh.

Where to Study in Scotland

Research Councils and Funding

We are invited to recommend academics to represent geography in the various research councils. We meet with the Scottish Funding Council and others looking at the strategic funding of geographical studies in Scottish universities.

RSGS University Medal

Since 1909, the RSGS has offered silver University Medals, which are now awarded to the outstanding graduating honours geography student in each of the Scottish universities as recommended by heads of department.

Looking for an Expert?

We have prepared a comprehensive list of geography academics currently working in Scotland. This freely accessible resource organises these practitioners into ten key geographic themes and 24 disciplinary sub-themes. To download the Excel document, please click the link below.

Scotland's Experts

To navigate the document, key words can be searched using the 'Find' command (ctrl F), or filtered using the 'Sort' command. 

Knowledge Exchange

Part of our role is to help interpret academic geography for non-academic audiences. We offer opportunities for researchers to communicate their work through public talks, published articles, school activities, public displays, and electronic media. We can do this on an ad hoc basis or as a formal outreach partner in a wider project. If you are a researcher interested in developing a ‘knowledge exchange’ programme with the RSGS, please contact us on [email protected] or 01738 455050.

We also have a small grants scheme. RSGS Knowledge Exchange Grants help to promote geography by disseminating the results of geographical enquiry and research, particularly by early career researchers, for the benefit of the wider public. Aimed at early career researchers, the grants are in the range of £200 to £1,000.

Scottish Geographical Journal

The Scottish Geographical Journal (SGJ) is the RSGS’s peer-reviewed academic journal. International in outlook, the SGJ publishes scholarly articles of original research from any branch of geography and on any part of the world, while at the same time maintaining a distinctive interest in and concern with issues relating to Scotland.

The SGJ is published by Routledge (Taylor and Francis), and is available online or in hard copy. All RSGS Members are entitled to receive the SGJ for free. Join us now to start receiving your copies, and for free access to digital copies online.