We inspire and inform people, to help provide solutions to some of the world's most complex and urgent geographical problems

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We organise a programme of 100 public talks and events across Scotland each year. Our inspiring speakers bring us amazing stories of journeys and adventures, and refreshing insights into current issues.


Author: Susan Watt

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We are associated with some amazing people - explorers, adventurers, travellers, photographers, writers, humanitarians, scientists, journalists...


Author: James Cave

The Geographer

We publish an attractive and informative quarterly magazine, The Geographer.


Author: Susan Watt

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Latest Blogs

  • Nine Lessons in Brexit

    Amidst the noise and fury of the current debate, it is too easy to lose sight of the fundamental questions we need to address, writes Sir Ivan Rodgers. Read more

  • Down To Earth: Return of Apollo 11

    In the early hours of 21st July 1969, inside the small, cramped space of their landing capsule, Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were trying to get to sleep... Written by Jo Woolf, RSGS Writer-in-Residence Read more

  • Sir Ernest Shackleton: A Hero’s Return

    "Shackleton held audiences in the palm of his hand as he described horrifying dangers and deprivations." Written by Jo Woolf, RSGS Writer-in-Residence Read more

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