We inspire and inform people, to help provide solutions to some of the world's most complex and urgent geographical problems

Climate Solutions

Climate Solutions offers a simple and quick way to gain significant understanding of one of the most significant issues of our generation: climate change.


Author: James Cave

James Croll and his Adventures in Climate and Time

Bursting with energy and colour, this is the story of the inspirational C19th Scottish climate scientist told in an exciting new way for young secondary school students. Written by Jo Woolf, illustrated by Dylan Gibson.

The Geographer

We publish an attractive and informative quarterly magazine, The Geographer.


Author: Susan Watt

Climate Emergency Summits

Our Climate Emergency Summits provide a space for motivated people from across the sectors to come together in a safe and open workshop environment to offer solutions to the climate emergency.


Author: James Cave

COP26 appeal to support our work on climate change

2021 is a hugely significant year for climate change action, and the RSGS has an important role to play. Please help us to make a positive difference.


Author: Susan Watt

Target amount: £0.00

Amount raised: £2,951.48

Horrible Geography of Stunning Scotland

Our brand-new addition to the suite of engaging and informative Horrible Geography books for children!

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Upcoming Events

  • GeoQuizzical (RSGS October Quiz)

    Monthly geography quiz of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society. Eight rounds of eight questions, with prizes on offer. Read more

  • Jill Heinerth: The Science of Cave Diving

    Canadian cave diver, underwater explorer, writer, photographer, and filmmaker Jill Heinerth shares stories from her expeditions into caves. Read more

  • Professor Nina Laurie: Amazonian Journeys

    Professor Nina Laurie tells the story of two journeys along the Chambira River in Loreto, Peru. Read more

  • Hazel & Luke Robertson: Reflections on Ice

    Hazel and Luke Robertson – RSGS Explorers-in-Residence– take the audience on a journey to some of the world’s wildest places. Read more

  • Lee Craigie: Resolution Race

    Lee Craigie discusses the Resolution Race- where four women rode two cargo bikes from Edinburgh to Copenhagen. Read more

  • Professor Colin Ballantyne FRSGS: The Vanishing Arctic

    Professor Colin Ballantyne discusses how warming in The Arctic is triggering a cascade of environmental effects. Read more

Latest Blogs

  • Geographers Unite Globally for Climate Action

    Yesterday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau launched a joint declaration of Global Geographical Societies, in which they pledge to redouble efforts to help deliver a better tomorrow, endorse the need for action on the climate and biodiversity crises, and call for world leaders to place the protection of nature and a liveable climate at the centre of the world’s economics and politics. Read more

  • Charles Darwin and the ‘horrid shelves’ of Glen Roy

    When Charles Darwin looked at the Parallel Roads of Glen Roy, he was seeking evidence that would support his personal theory about their formation.  He was looking for seashells - or, more precisely, marine fossils. On this occasion, however, he was wrong. Read more

  • An Interview with Professor Roger Crofts

    RSGS Writer-in-Residence Jo Woolf interviews recent Scottish Geographical Medal recipient Professor Roger Crofts, former Chair of RSGS, who reflects on his life and career in Scottish nature conservation. Read more

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