We inspire and inform people, to help provide solutions to some of the world's most complex and urgent geographical problems

Voices of the Earth

Stories of exploration and inspiration, gathered from the archives and networks of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society by Jo Woolf.


Author: Susan Watt

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Climate Solutions

Sign up to one of our Climate Solutions courses today, and be sure that you are playing your part for the future of the planet.


Author: James Cave

The Geographer

We publish an attractive and informative quarterly magazine, The Geographer.


Author: Susan Watt

James Croll and his Adventures in Climate and Time

Bursting with energy and colour, this is the story of the inspirational C19th Scottish climate scientist told in an exciting new way for young secondary school students.

Climate Emergency Summits

Our Climate Emergency Summits provide a space for motivated people from across the sectors to come together in a safe and open workshop environment to offer solutions to the climate emergency.


Author: James Cave

Horrible Geography of Stunning Scotland

Our addition to the suite of engaging and informative Horrible Geography books for children!

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Upcoming Events

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    The Royal Scottish Geographical Society has created a unique tour around the beautiful Fair Maids House of Perth. Read more

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  • Fridtjof Nansen and the ‘ghouls of modern life'

    After their epic struggles in remote regions, not every explorer relished being in the spotlight on their return to civilisation… Jo Woolf considers how Fridtjof Nansen coped with a return to normal life after gaining worldwide fame. Read more

  • Dust storms: a shared security challenge for the Middle East

    The International Day of Combating Sand and Dust Storms highlights the growing severity of these hazards. Climate change, poor land management, and geopolitical tensions exacerbate their impact on health, infrastructure, and regional stability. Read more

  • Ordnance Survey renews long-standing collaboration with RSGS

    Ordnance Survey (OS) has renewed its long-standing relationship with RSGS, to promote the essential role geography and geospatial data can play in delivering climate solutions and helping deliver better outcomes for the public. Read more