Our Vision

We promote greater geographical understanding of people, places and the planet. In our increasingly interdependent world, and faced with complex environmental and social challenges, joined-up geographical thinking is needed as never before. Geography connects people and unites disciplines to help resolve many of our most pressing concerns, from climate change to food systems, from unsustainable transport to health inequalities, from urban design to biodiversity loss.

Our Mission

We are a dynamic educational charity with far-reaching influence and a mission to inspire and inform. By thinking geographically, championing good practice, working with leaders and experts, and engaging with public audiences, we are precisely placed to inform policy, influence joined-up decision making, and inspire action, all to help address national and global challenges. We use our networks, knowledge and reputation to shape positive, practical policy solutions.

Our Values

We are:

  • accessible & amenable –a community of experts, practitioners, teachers, and the public, open to everyone with an interest in the world.
  • inspiring & informative –encouraging scientific debate, and communicating ideas through our public talks, magazine, and academic journal.
  • practical & positive – focusing on achieving solutions and seeing where things can be done differently, through research, advocacy and public engagement.
  • independent & impartial – a trusted and respected voice, providing opportunities for different sectors to collaborate and explore ideas in a neutral space.