Reading, writing and arithmetic are pure skills, but through geography schoolchildren can learn how to stitch them together. They have places and people to read about, journeys and issues to write about, environmental and social subjects to do calculations about. And they can learn citizenship, social responsibility, the rule of consequences, and much of the background to some of the most defining issues of this century.

We are a champion for geographical education in Scottish schools. We are engaged in policy work, promoting geography in schools, and projects, all aiming to enhance the quality and extent of geographical and environmental learning. We work with partner bodies which represent teachers and parents, and particularly with the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers, to maximise opportunities for young people to benefit from a good geographical education.

Educational Resources

Policy Work

We are concerned about the narrowness of subject choice currently available to pupils in Scottish schools, especially in the fourth year of secondary education (Nat4 and Nat5). We also share a wider concern about the relative futility of the third year of BGE (Broad General Education). We are in discussion with the Scottish Government and its agencies to try to address these concerns, to promote the critical value of specialist teaching, and to fly a flag for the value of good geographical knowledge.

Our Manifesto for Geography in Scottish Education identifies ways in which Geography can support Scottish Government priorities for education, and calls for an informed and up-to-date curriculum that is directed towards training the citizens of the future.

Promoting Geography in Schools

We need to encourage more young people to study Geography at school, to equip them with key skills for employability, and for life.

We published A World of Opportunity

  • to offer pupils and parents an insight into the broad, relevant and exciting nature of Geography;
  • to outline the new National, Higher and Advanced Higher courses; and
  • to highlight the wealth of study and employment opportunities that studying Geography offers.

This letter from RSGS President Professor Iain Stewart encourages young people to choose Geography at National 4/5 and Higher levels. The letter may be printed and distributed to parents and teachers.

Geography is a hugely relevant and dynamic subject that puts the headlines into context.

In this video, Professor Stewart discusses what inspired him to study Geography and why it is such a fascinating subject: 


We have produced a range of educational resources to support teachers in (and out of) the classroom. For example, our Playground Map Project is a great way to engage a whole school in geographical learning through direct participation and games. And our Lesson Plans offer targeted support for teaching specific geographical subjects, often backed up by the wealth of informative material available in our magazine, The Geographer.

We are currently fundraising for and developing an exciting new project to create a new book to engage late primary and early secondary school pupils in geography: A Horrible Geography of Scotland.