Climate Solutions offers a simple and quick way to gain significant understanding of one of the most important issues of our generation: climate change. It will help prepare individuals and organisations for this transformation, and outline where the opportunities lie.

This course is imbued with the optimism that comes from tackling an issue, and focuses on solutions. It is aimed at time-poor managers, offering an easy, time-efficient route to understanding climate change.

Four online modules will short-cut vast amounts of literature and learning, providing a good basic understanding of the science, and focusing on the minimum essential information needed to respond. On completion of the online modules, participants will attend a workshop, delivered by the project partners.

After this workshop, participants will be invited to join a cross-sectoral network to allow long-term relationship building and sharing of expertise. They will also receive a certificate evidencing their personal and organisational commitment to climate change.

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The next workshops are on the 12th and 19th October, from 10am until 1pm. They will be provided via Zoom given the COVID-19 outbreak.

To sign-up for Climate Solutions, we are offering places for £300 per participant, which represents a 33% early bird discount. This offer ends in December 2020, and the course must be completed within 3 months to qualify. Please sign-up now to save money and start making a difference! 

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Project Partners

The project is a collaboration between the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, the Institute of Directors, and the Universities of Stirling and Edinburgh, working with digital content creators Jump Digital, with funding support from the Scottish Government.

For Existing Participants

Please use the following links to purchase time extensions to complete your course.

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