Legacies remain one of the most important ways of supporting our work, from our talks programme and public events, to education projects and academic grants, to conserving and making accessible our collections. By including a legacy for the RSGS in your Will, you can help ensure the Society's future, help us to continue to promote science, develop citizenship and conserve heritage.

We can all make a positive difference, large or small, in the world we leave behind. Please help us to continue to inspire generations to come.

Types of Legacy

There are three main types of legacy:

  • Pecuniary legacy – a gift of a fixed sum of money, which you may wish to be index-linked;
  • Specific legacy – a gift of a particular item or items of value, such as property or shares;
  • Residuary legacy – a share of the remainder of your estate after all other legacies and debts have been paid.

The amount of any charitable gift will be deducted from the value of your estate on which your Inheritance Tax is calculated. 

Types of Support

We welcome legacies that support the overall work of the RSGS. If you choose to leave us a legacy, it is most helpful if that gift is 'unrestricted', so that the Society can prioritise spend according to current need.

If you prefer, you can contribute directly to specific aspects of our work:

  • The Inspiring People Fund supports the costs of running our public talks, including speakers’ fees and travel expenses, venue hire, medals and awards, publicity and promotion, so that audiences can continue to learn and be inspired those who are active and experienced in their field.
  • The Exciting Learning Fund supports the costs of developing and running our projects in schools, and promoting geography in schools and within the curriculum, to inspire the next generation of geographers.
  • The Conserving Heritage Fund supports the costs of conserving and making accessible items in our collections of maps, books, images, papers and artefacts, including cataloguing, restoring, maintaining, digitally scanning and exhibiting them, so that they can be better understood and appreciated by more people.
  • The Promoting Science Fund supports the costs of awarding RSGS grants, allowing us to fund more geographical research work and knowledge exchange.

How to Leave a Legacy

We understand that in your Will, you will wish to prioritise the interests of your family and friends. We hope, however, that you might also consider including a legacy for the RSGS. If you would like to support us, and would like to let us know your pledge, or would like to speak to someone about leaving a legacy, please contact us on 01738 455050 or [email protected]

To include RSGS in your Will:

  • Decide which fund you wish to support – General, Talks, Education, Collections or Grants
  • Decide which legacy you wish to leave – Pecuniary, Specific or Residuary
  • Contact your solicitor or legal advisor
  • Pass on our full details - The Royal Scottish Geographical Society, 15-19 North Port, Perth, PH1 5LU, Scottish Charity No SC015599

"There has never been a more critical time for people to understand the Earth, its landscapes and our role in it. The RSGS is helping make the connections between people, places and the planet. Thank you for helping to inspire generations to come." (Professor Iain Stewart, President of RSGS)