We are at the heart of a community of interest – an RSGS family of individuals and organisations working together to promote geographical cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Our Network

We work with all sectors of society, at home and abroad, from local Members and volunteers to international experts. We have strong connections with academics, teachers, practitioners, travellers and enthusiasts. Alongside our Members, we have a network of friends, advocates, contributors and supporters, across Scotland and the world. We are a trusted convener for a wide variety of groups, from government to academia to business, helping to advise, inform and broker intelligent comment, and to raise the profile of geography in specific areas of interest.

International Links

We are part of an international network of geographical expertise. There are more than 60 international geographical societies, and we work closely with several, most notably the Royal Geographical Society with IBG, and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, with whom we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. We work increasingly closely with Outward Bound Oman, and we continue to liaise with other international geographical bodies and communities. We celebrate outstanding geographical achievements through our honorary awards of Medals and Fellowships.