“…if you go down to the woods today…”

In this photo essay, Ted Leeming explores current forestry policy, practices and management in the UK & Scotland in 2023. Read more

J Norman Collie: from a chemistry lab to the Columbian Icefield

RSGS Writer-in-Residence reflects on the life of climber and pioneering chemist J Norman Collie, who made the first neon display tubes. Read more

Curriculum Design – a programme for discussion and feedback.

Following our first webinar on educational reform, RSGS Education Committee Chair Alastair McConnell reports on the findings from discussion and feedback and the recommendations for curriculum change. Read more

Professor Laurence Tubiana FRSGS: RSGS Shackleton Medallist

Chief Executive of the European Climate Foundation and leading academic Professor Laurence Tubiana spoke at The University of Edinburgh on Friday 27th November, at a special event hosted by RSGS, where she was awarded with Honorary Fellowship of the Society and the prestigious RSGS Shackleton Medal for her work as an internationally recognized leader in the global climate arena. Read more

Freya Stark, RSGS Mungo Park Medallist 1935

Freya Stark was only four years old when she ran away from home. With careful forethought, she packed a mackintosh, a toothbrush and a couple of pennies before setting off in the direction of Plymouth... Read more

Tomorrow’s Cities: reducing disaster risk for the poor

On International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, we share an article from our recent edition of The Geographer on earthquakes, about why we must work towards reducing disaster risk for impoverished and marginalized populations in rapidly expanding cities. Read more

John Rae: an Orkney upbringing and the call of the sea

Born on 30th September 1813, John Rae was destined to become one of the most accomplished Arctic explorers of the 19th century. Read more

Manifesting climate action

RSGS Chief Executive Mike Robinson calls for a united response to the climate emergency, and shines a spotlight on Scotland's potential to lead the charge against climate change. Read more

Running out of long grass… When are we going to find money for public services

RSGS Chief Executive Mike Robinson challenges the latest severe round of cuts to public services and explains why we must invest in a more just, more sustainable & more robust future. Read more

An Interview with Tristan Gooley

A natural navigator, Tristan Gooley is highly skilled at interpreting the signs that are all around us, whether in trees, leaves, birds, insects, stars, water or clouds. Read more

The Hayward Review – recommendations on qualifications and assessment

Alastair McConnell and Professor Ken Muir discuss the the Hayward Review and its recommendations on qualifications and assessment. Read more

Inspiring People 2023-24

We are delighted to announce the programme for our 2023-24 Inspiring People talks, featuring a stellar line-up of speakers, held in person at our 13 Local Groups across Scotland. Read more

An Interview with Bertrand Piccard - Part 3

Part 3 of 3: The final instalment of the Access to Inspiration podcast interview with Bertrand Piccard, who talks about the many benefits of positive environmental solutions. Read more

An Interview with Bertrand Piccard - Part 2

Part 2 of 3: for the Access to Inspiration podcast, Sue Stockdale interviews renowned explorer and environmentalist Bertrand Piccard, who talks about the ground breaking Solar Impulse project. Read more

Hamish MacInnes and The Eiger Sanction

In 1974, mountaineer Hamish MacInnes was asked to help craft death-defying stunts for Clint Eastwood's film on the perilous Eiger North Face. What resulted was a realism that left audiences gripping their seats, celebrating MacInnes as a mastermind of mountain safety and adventure. Read more

Extreme Adventure Trophy Hunting

With a lot of recent discussions about the nature of modern extreme tourism, RSGS Chief Executive Mike Robinson reflects on his own experience on an adventure holiday. Read more

The importance of outdoor education and adventure

Kayaker Sal Montgomery reflects on how outdoor education and adventure helped her to build a solid foundation of skills and experience and pushed her abilities further than she ever expected. Read more

Indiana Jones and the colourful real-life characters who might have inspired him

Starring Harrison Ford in the title role, the latest (and reportedly last) in the series of Indiana Jones movies, ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny’, arrived in UK cinemas this week.  We take a look at two larger-than-life explorers who bear more than a passing resemblance to his swashbuckling character. Read more

The heat is on

With news that Scottish Government has missed another annual climate change target, RSGS CEO Mike Robinson reflects on the critical action we must take as the pressure of climate change continues to rise. Read more