At RSGS, we want to help young people more than ever.

Every day, the media is awash with bad news of existential and acute crises, from biodiversity loss and climate change to rising cost of living and food insecurity. Young people are struggling to cope with mounting pressures and expectations in a world that is changing fast. Amongst all the major issues that threaten their future world, they are experiencing a crisis of uncertainty and anxiety. They have real concerns about the fragile state of the world, and they feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the challenges they face. They need our help, to protect their futures.

RSGS has built a strong reputation for being future-focused and effective. One of our key strengths is our ability to inspire. With our heritage, knowledge, networks, and influence, we are uniquely well-placed to inspire learning, action, change, and hope. We need to inspire and inform young people about geographical issues. But we also need to inspire and help deliver positive solutions which can give young people more hope for their futures. And we need to inspire and engage young people in shaping the futures that they want to see. We are determined to do more to make a difference. But for us to step up the work we are doing to help young people, directly and indirectly, we need your support.

With your help:

  • we can encourage and support more young people to study, learn about and explore the world
  • we can provide individual and group mentoring and guidance
  • we can create exciting and rewarding opportunities for participation
  • we can empower more young people to feel they have control over their futures
  • we can provide outlets for their concerns, and use our contacts and platforms to give them more of a voice
  • we can use our networks and strategies to help solve some of the most critical global issues
  • we can help influence policy to ensure that science and young people's interests are being upheld

Of course, we can't do it all and we can't reach everyone. But with your help we would like to build a Future Generations Fund to better resource the work we can do with and for young people, to provide support for young people directly and indirectly, now and into the future, and to underpin our future-focused policy and educational work.

Please help us to bring this special legacy to our young people today. Together, let's inspire future generations.