HERE Technologies are supporters of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, and are helping fund our latest charitable appeal, A Horrible Geography of Scotland. HERE are keen for members to get involved in their community mapping project discussed below.

The great advantage of a digital map is that it can be updated regularly to reflect the constant changes taking place in the world. With this perspective in mind, HERE Technologies, a world leader in digital mapping and location based technology, have launched their online Map Creator tool. Alongside this, they also have a Map Creator App that can be freely used on iOS and Android systems. Millions of users and consumers alike can now be part of a global community that makes HERE Technologies’ maps continually up-to-date and accurate.

“The worldwide network of collaborators, together with HERE’s expertise in mapping, field verification and data sourcing activities ensure our products are constantly updated, in order to serve an ever more digital market that is constantly changing”, affirms Claire Robinson, Community Initiative Lead for HERE Technologies in the UK and Ireland.

To become a contributor, you can register online here, or create an account on the App, HERE Map Creator. Through the tool, you can enter new and edit existing information in the HERE map database, such as road attributes, house and building numbers, and places. It is also possible to upload your own GeoJson, KML or GPX files in the My Geospace functionality. Through HERE’s partnership with Mapillary you can also collect, upload and view your own street level imagery in Map Creator, helping you with your edits.

The new data then goes through a process of validation by a team of HERE quality specialists. Once approved, they are integrated into their global database that updates and feeds daily maps available in numerous applications, websites, GPS devices and geolocation services. In addition, the continuous improvement of the maps helps the public and emergency services sectors, promoting a positive impact in the society.

The Map Creator App is available for download at the Google Play and iOS stores, and HERE have a dedicated YouTube channel with tutorials.

If you might be interested in coming to a training session at RSGS HQ with HERE on how to use this technology, please let us know by e-mailing [email protected].