Can you help us to identify these images in RSGS Collections?

In 1924, when Isobel Wylie Hutchison went into a shipping office in Edinburgh and enquired about sailings to Iceland, she took the clerk completely by surprise: 

‘“Iceland!” he stammered, a kind of frozen startled look coming into his face at the mention of the word, “Sailings to Iceland!  I am afraid we have no particulars.”’ (RSGS archives)

Isobel wasn’t put off that easily.  Not only did she manage to find a ship to take her to Iceland in 1925, but she succeeded in doing what no woman of her time had done.  She went on a solo 260-mile walking tour from Reykjavik to Akureyri - without a road map, because she was told that such a thing didn’t exist!  

Isobel recorded her journey in words and photographs, and many of her images are held in RSGS Collections.  Some negatives have recently been scanned, but since these have no corresponding captions it is difficult in many instances to work out where they were taken.  We are keen to identify them, as they will help us to learn more about this comparatively little-known episode in Isobel’s life as an Arctic explorer and plant-collector.

Perhaps you might be able to help!  If you recognise any of the following scenes, or have an idea where they might have been taken, we’d be delighted to hear from you.   For clues, we know that Isobel visited the towns of Ísafjörður, Siglufjörður and Akureyri.  She also climbed Hekla, and visited Thingvellir and Gullfoss.

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