On 21st of July 2021 we were delighted to present RSGS Honorary Fellowship to Louise Macdonald OBE, FRSE for her invaluable contributions to women, young people and the environment. Louise is the first woman to hold the position of National Director at The Institute of Directors Scotland and previously held the position of CEO at Young Scot for twelve years.

Louise is an independent co-chair of the Scottish Government National Advisory Council on Women and Girls in which she has advocated the importance of intersectional gender equality for all in Scotland, and is a founder of the 2050 Climate Group, developed to empower young people to take action to tackle the climate crisis.

Throughout her career, she has devotedly worked towards Scotland’s development by promoting opportunities for young people and women, and has highlighted the importance of climate action. It is with these achievements in mind that we are so pleased to award her with this Honorary Fellowship of the RSGS.

Louise Macdonald (OBE, FRSE) with her RSGS Honorary Fellowship

On receiving her Fellowship Louise said “My awakening to the climate crisis came thanks to being part of the Natural Change leadership programme, which led me to then go on to help to establish the 2050 Young Climate Leaders, plus other projects focussed around low carbon, biodiversity, community action and young people’s involvement in decision-making. It is such an incredible honour to receive RSGS Fellowship and humbling to be in such esteemed company, so my heartfelt thanks for this recognition – which I’ll use to continue to deepen my commitment and action to our incredible natural world.”

Louise was awarded the Fellowship by RSGS CEO Mike Robinson who said “Louise has been active on the national stage in Scotland for 20 years or more and has contributed to so many positive initiatives.  She is extremely highly regarded for her work related to the engagement of young people, to women and girls, and to climate change, but contributes even more widely still with voluntary roles in Scotland’s Futures Forum and the Electoral commission and it is an honour to count her as a Fellow of the RSGS.”

RSGS CEO Mike Robinson with Louise Macdonald (OBE, FRSE).