Today is a big day in RSGS history! A lot has happened on this day.

North Berwick Beach

July 21st 1884 – Our unofficial birthday.  On this day 133 years ago Agnes Livingstone-Bruce and John George Bartholomew walked along the beach at North Berwick together and established the Scottish Geographical Society (we became “Royal” in 1887). Happy Birthday to us!

William Speirs Bruce

July 21st 1904 – The Scotia expedition, 95% funded by RSGS and its supporters, successfully returned to Troon. The Scotia expedition was led by William Speirs Bruce FRSGS who was awarded with our most prestigious medal, The Gold Medal (now Scottish Geographical Medal) that same year.

Neil Armstrong FRSGS receives his Livingstone Medal

July 21st 1969 – A momentous moment in world history when Neil Armstrong FRSGS walked on the moon. Armstrong was awarded our Livingstone medal in 1971.

RSGS HQ The Fair Maid’s House (left) and Lord John Murray House (right)

July 21st 2011 – RSGS HQ The Fair Maid’s House and Lord John Murray House officially opened, complete with office space, archive rooms, a dedicated map room and plenty of interactive visitor attractions.

Quite a lot of history packed into one day!

Above is the first page of our visitor book showing the signatures of our three founders, Agnes Livingstone-Bruce, James Geikie and John George Bartholomew.