RSGS Trustee Margaret Wilkes with Professor James Cheshire

We were delighted to present the Bartholomew Globe award to James Cheshire, Professor of Geographic Information and Cartography in the UCL Department of Geography, and Director of the UCL Social Data Institute, during his sold-out talk at RSGS Headquarters in Perth this week. 

It was an inspiring evening for anyone interested in anything map related as James offered an insight into his award-winning book Atlas of the Invisible, showing the techniques required to transform complex data into inspiring information, using stunning maps and visualisations.

“Throughout James‘s career, his passion for maps and for cartography has been evident, not least in what he describes as the use of new forms of data for the study of social science,” commented RSGS Trustee and fellow Bartholomew Globe recipient Margaret Wilkes. “It’s particularly apt this evening therefore that we’re awarding our Bartholomew Globe to James Cheshire, who was nominated alongside his long-time collaborator Oliver Uberti, a former senior design editor for National Geographic residing in Los Angeles, who we look forward to welcoming as an RSGS Honorary Fellow when he receives his award in California.”

Continuing, Margaret said “James Cheshire's work has included investigations into the use of cycle hire schemes, the spatial analysis of surnames and new ways of visualising population data. Among other publications he has co-authored three critically acclaimed books with Oliver Uberti: London: The Information Capital; Where the Animals Go; and the Atlas of the Invisible, showing that good innovative cartography is as relevant today as it’s always been.

“James has also expertly demonstrated the value of storytelling through maps to help visualise some of the world's most pressing challenges today, highlighting them in new ways and helping to develop solutions. I'm delighted therefore on behalf of this Society to confer our Bartholomew Globe and our Honorary Fellowship on James Cheshire tonight.”

The prestigious Bartholomew Globe is awarded for excellence in the assembly, delivery or application of geographical information through cartography, GIS and related techniques. On receiving his award James commented, “Oliver and I are delighted to receive the RSGS Bartholomew Globe Award. For generations, the Bartholomews shared the wonder of the world through their pioneering atlases and taught us the power of maps. To be associated with them and recognised by the RSGS in this way is a true honour.”

Both James and Oliver were nominated for the Bartholomew Globe by Dariusz Wójcik, Professor of Economic Geography at Oxford University, who commented, “I admire James’s inventiveness in combining data science and cartography with geography and proving repeatedly, in his articles and atlases, that a truly human and robust geography will always need maps and visual storytelling.”