Last week we were very pleased to present RSGS Honorary Fellowship to Galina Toteva, Robert Fleeting and David Geddes, for their contributions over the last 6 years in delivering the Climate Solutions courses, designed to provide a simple and quick way to gain significant understanding of one of the most important issues of our generation- climate change.

Left to right: Robert Fleeting, David Geddes and Galina Toteva with RSGS Honorary Fellowship

RSGS CEO Mike Robinson commented “I am delighted to include Galina, David and Robert as RSGS Honorary Fellows, for their hard work in getting the Climate Solutions courses off the ground, and helping make it so successful. They were instrumental in creating the courses, and the fact that we now have over 100,000 people signed up is a testament to their skills and effort. Their contributions particularly stand out, not just for the expertise they shared, but for their personal commitment above and beyond what was required and offering additional time and resources.”

Galina Toteva

Galina Toteva is a PHD student in environmental and atmospheric sciences at the University of Edinburgh and sole author of the Climate Solutions Accelerator course, co-author of the Professional course and lead author of the Student course. On receiving her Fellowship Galina commented: "RSGS has been an essential part of my personal Climate Journey. I remember going to the Inspiring People talks as an undergraduate student and absorbing every word about adventures to distant lands. These stories kept me motivated and nurtured my passion for science and discovery. Recently we have been working on the Climate Solutions programme and I am delighted to be part of the team that inspires the next generation. I am more than honoured to receive a fellowship from the society that I am so deeply connected with."

David Geddes

“Receiving this Honorary Fellowship is a great honour.” Commented David Geddes, Director and Founder of Jump Digital. “Education at all levels is the key to change, and across the world the more people that we engage, the faster the solutions will come. From policy makers to business leaders, employees and schoolchildren. We need to educate at all levels and do it now.” David was instrumental in bringing Jump Digital on board and producing a high quality, easy to use system that can be rolled out universally.

Robert Fleeting

Robert Fleeting was responsible for much of the technical build of the courses, and ensuring that the courses were delivered on time. “I am honoured to receive the fellowship from the RSGS” commented David. “It has been a great privilege to be involved in developing the climate solutions courses and be part of the team delivering this key message to businesses and organisations.”

More and more businesses and public bodies are waking up to the need to understand climate solutions- recognising that it is increasingly essential knowledge for any business or organisation which wants to be successful and robust during this next vital decade.