Tickets for all 2022-23 talks can now be purchased on our events page.

Chris Horsley - Drawn to Fire

After a break of two and a half years, we are excited to announce a return to face to face talks in what has become widely regarded as the best national talks programme in Scotland. Taking place in 13 towns and cities around Scotland, and with an added monthly on-line extra talk, we will be hosting 96 talks between September 2022 and March 2023.

“You have to go back to March 2020, when Jonny Keeling, BBC wildlife film maker last gave a face to face talk for the RSGS” comments RSGS Chief Executive Mike Robinson. “Although we’ve run around 95 talks and events on line during this period, it is the longest break in our history – we even managed to keep going during the two world wars, albeit with afternoon talks to avoid the blackout.”

This year’s programme has a stellar line-up of speakers, including leading explorers, photographers, communicators and scientists, who will leave the audience with a sense of curiosity, excitement, and inspiration that befits the best national talks programme in Scotland!

The programme will kick off on 19th September 2022 with adventurer Christopher Horsley, who has ventured closer to volcanic craters around the world than most people would dare.  “Very excited to be speaking of all things volcanic for RSGS Inspiring People” commented Christopher. “It is an absolute privilege to be invited to talk among a line-up of such incredible people”

Will Copestake - Wet, Cold, and Wild

Some other speakers this year include sea kayaker Will Copestake, sharing fabulous tales of adventure in the world’s wet, cold and wild temperate regions; filmmaker Libby Penman sharing stories about her years of filming epic wildlife in Scotland, outdoor challenges for TV, and exploring the climate crisis at home; and explorer Alice Morrison who commented "it will be a total delight to be talking to the RSGS members live on my forthcoming tour about my new book Walking with Nomads. Charting my 7-and-a-half month epic journey on foot across Morocco and the Sahara with my 3 ‘Amazigh’ guides and six camels."

Sal Montgomery - Best Day Ever: Road-tripping with a kayak

“Really delighted to be back out and sharing my passion, face to face, with everyone” commented landscape photographer Colin Prior, who will take the audience on a journey to the highly remote Karakoram mountain range, and talk about how his sources of inspiration have influenced his work in over 50 countries.

“I am absolutely over the moon that the RSGS Inspiring People talks will be live and in-person this year!” said kayaker Sal Montgomery, who will share her latest stories and adventures from road-tripping around America and British Columbia with her kayak. “I’m so excited to meet everyone and share this wonderful event with you all.”

We will be screening an interview with Lewis Pugh on Zoom, followed by live Q&A.

This year we will also be offering a monthly online talk, hosted through Zoom, on top of all the usual live talks at Local Groups, allowing the events to be especially accessible to everyone all over Scotland and beyond. Featuring interviews and live Q&A with renowned explorers Robin Hanbury-Tenison, David Hempleman-Adams and John Blashford-Snell, endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh, skier and adventurer Myrtle Simpson, and ecocide campaigner Jojo Mehta.

Tickets for all Inspiring People talks for 2022-23 are now available to purchase through our events page. Tickets for live talks are free for RSGS members, students and under-18s, and £10 for general admission. Tickets for online talks are £6 for general admission, £2 for RSGS Members, and free for students and U-18s. Book now to secure your ticket for what promises to be a popular line-up of speakers.