The files for these lesson plans are large, so if you are interested in receiving PDFs and associated media for any of the below please contact [email protected] and let us know which plans you would like to access.


Stories in the Land


Stories in the Land: Highland Drovers – young people became collectors, creators and tellers of stories inspired by traditional cattle droves. This resources uses a teaching approach in which the teacher decides on the chapters or ‘line’ of the story, while considering curricular aims and skill development, and the pupils develop the story. 




Crossing the Empty Quarter

Level 1-3

In December 2015, two Omanis and one Englishman set out to cross ‘The Empty Quarter’, one of the world’s most extreme and inhospitable deserts. These lesson plans, resources and video clips chart the incredible journey and allow students and their teachers to explore the personal qualities, skills and approaches to challenges.




The Expedition

Level 3/4

The Expedition uses a narrative to help learners to explore the skills and qualities that make a good team player, and an effective leader. The resource also seeks to broaden students’ horizons regarding adventure and exploration.