There is a great deal of live debate about land use and land ownership in Scotland. In April 2015, Dick Balharry FRSGS wrote a paper on his vision for change, which was read by his son David at an event in Glenfeshie at which Dick received the RSGS’s Geddes Environment Medal for his lifetime’s contribution to Scotland’s environment.

Many of the leading lights in land reform and conservation in Scotland attended this event. They, along with a number of others who were not able to attend, were then inspired to respond to his paper. 

Dick Balharry: A Vision for Land Use in Scotland

Richard Cooke: A Shooglie Stool

Mike Daniels: Land Use and Ownership

Simon Pepper: The Future of Sporting Estates – Checking the Wind

Grant Moir: A Response to a Vision for Land Use in Scotland

Des Thompson: Where is the Voice in the Mountains?