Whether you are an individual dealing with virus-induced social isolation, or a corporate leader trying to navigate your way through uncertainty, resilience is the key to success. Resilience is about not giving up when things get difficult; rather than being about surviving, it is about thriving. In partnership with Outward Bound Oman, we're delighted to present the following three lesson plans, focused on Resilience.

With three 20-minute video clips, each accompanied by a power-point presentation, teacher notes and student workbook, the project follows a team of three people and three camels as they spend 49 days trying to recreate a journey that had not been done for 85 years, across the Empty Quarter, the biggest sand desert on earth.

The plans are very flexible age-wise and can be used in a variety of ways; from stimulating discussion amongst outdoor education students at university, to inspiring young people in junior and secondary schools (or at home!) about the value of learning outdoors.

Introduction & Background

Lesson One: The Challenge

Classroom Presentation Lesson Plan Student Workbook

Lesson Two: The Team

Classroom Presentation Lesson Plan Student Workbook

Lesson Three: The Lessons

Classroom Presentation Lesson Plan Student Workbook