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Voices of the Earth

Stories of exploration and inspiration, gathered from the archives and networks of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society by Jo Woolf. Read more

A Helping Hand for Schools

We want to support Geography teachers and pupils at this difficult time by producing a series of informative videos and associated lesson plans, each addressing a topic at Nat5 or Higher. Read more

Exciting Learning Fund

The Exciting Learning Fund supports the costs of developing and running the RSGS’s projects in schools, and of promoting geography in schools and within the curriculum. Read more

Conserving Heritage Fund

The Conserving Heritage Fund supports the costs of conserving and making accessible items in the RSGS collections. Read more

Promoting Science Fund

The Promoting Science Fund supports the costs of awarding RSGS grants, allowing us to fund more geographical research work and expeditions. Read more

Inspiring People Fund

The Inspiring People Fund supports the costs of running the RSGS’s public talks. Read more