September 2022

RSGS E-Newsletter: Doug Allan; Inspiring People Online; HM The Queen's Funeral; Doors Open Day; Meet the Experts. Read more

August 2022

RSGS E-Newsletter: Upcoming Inspiring People Talks; New RSGS Honorary Fellows; The Geographer: Wheredunnit?; Doors Open Day; Meet the Experts. Read more

July 2022

RSGS E-Newsletter: Future Generations Fund; Bartholomew Visit: Doors Open Day; Iain Black FRSGS; Peak Beyond Peak. Read more

June 2022

RSGS E-Newsletter: Future Generations Fund; Tivy Education Medallists; Inspiring People; RSGS CEO Receives Honorary Doctorate. Read more

May 2022

RSGS E-Newsletter: Inspiring People; The Geographer- People Pressure; IGSG Biodiversity Report; Clifton Bain FRSGS; Meet the Experts. Read more

April 2022

RSGS E-Newsletter: Fair Maid's House Reopening, New Geographer Royal; New Fellows; Film Screenings; Meet the Experts; Blog Update. Read more

March 2022

RSGS E-Newsletter: Int Geographical Soc Gathering; Film Screenings; FMH reopening; Inspiring People 2021-22; Mike receives Cairncross Trophy. Read more

February 2022

RSGS E-newsletter: The Geographer- health Services; We are Hiring; Inspiring People; GeoQuizzical; Meet the Experts. Read more

January 2022

RSGS E-Newsletter: Perth Nature and Biodiversity Conference; Blog Update; Inspiring People; GeoQuizzical; Meet the Experts Read more

November 2021

RSGS E-Newsletter: Inspiring People update; GeoQuizzical; The Geographer 'Maptastic'; Books for Christmas; TEDx Glasgow. Read more

October 2021

RSGS E-Newsletter: Scotland: Our Climate Journey; Inspiring People; GeoQuizzical; The Geographer COP26 Edition; Joint Declaration of Geographical Societies; Emma Revie FRSGS Read more

September 2021

RSGS E-Newsletter: GeoQuizzical; Inspiring People Update; Scotland: Our Climate Journey; Recent Medallists. Read more

August 2021

RSGS E-newsletter: Inspiring people Talks; An Evening with Col John Blashford-Snell; Horrible Geography; The Geographer 'The Great Outdoors'; Blog Update. Read more

July 2021

RSGS E-Newsletter: Col John Blashford-Snell Talk; Inspiring People 2021-22; John Swinney Croll Book; Louise Macdonald FRSGS; Meet the Experts Read more

June 2021

RSGS E-newsletter: International Geographical Societies Gathering; The Geographer 'Farming for a 1.5°C Future'; Jacobs signs up for Climate Solutions; Climate Solutions- 'Meet the Experts' event; RSGS Blogs Read more

May 2021

RSGS E-newsletter: James Croll Book; Climate Solutions MOOC; Ban Ki-moon Livingstone Medal; COP26 Appeal; Chalk Talks Read more

April 2021

RSGS E-newsletter: Geddes Environment Medal; Building Back Better; Chalk Talks; Climate Solutions Accelerator Read more

March 2021

RSGS E-newsletter: GeoQuizzical; James Croll Conference; Inspiring People; Chalk Talks; Young Geographer Read more

February 2021

RSGS e-newsletter: Jonathon Porritt, Inspiring People At Home, Animal Geographer, Climate Emergency Summits, Chalk Talks, Communications Change Read more

January 2021

RSGS e-newsletter: RSGS Chalk Talks, Lesson Plans, Climate Commitment, Inspiring People At Home, Michael Palin at RSGS, 2020 Summary Video Read more

December 2020

RSGS e-newsletter: Michael Palin, Inspiring People at Home, Jeremy Bowen Medal Event, Climate Emergency Summit on Food, GeoQuizzical Read more

November 2020

RSGS e-newsletter: Events with Jeremy Bowen and Michael Palin, Climate Solutions Accelerator, Mollie Hughes Event, GeoQuizzical, Hamish Macinnes Obituary Read more

October 2020

October e-newsletter of the RSGS: Jeremy Bowen, Farming for 1.5, Perth Conference, Teach Meet, Climate Emergency Summit on Food, GeoQuizzical, Festival of Politics, Inspiring People At Home Read more

September 2020

September e-newsletter of the RSGS: GeoQuizzical, Inspiring People online events, policy updates, Soils education, best of the blog, Jamie Livingstone video Read more